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GaiaSup is a third-party "spatial engine" that helps developers to easily build location-based services (LBS) or geo/spatial applications. It extends the common messaging paradigm publish / subscribe (pub/sub) to include explicit support for spatial data. At its core, GaiaSup allows developers to store and retrive spatial coordinates, which is managed by an in-memory spatial database, so that the data can be processed and retrieved quickly.

Most current spatial services employ "store & query" operations, where you first put some data with coordinates on a map, then retrieve them using query operations (get all pizza places within a mile). However, for more real-time interactions such as chats, where people need to instantly spread or receive messages, pub/sub is a better paradim. But traditional pub/sub requires you to figure out how to translate between areas and channels. With GaiaSup, you don't need to figure out how to match "channels" to your areas, and can simply publish and subscribe to areas directly, while still having the choice to "store/query" your data.

Whether you're developing a web-site or the next killer mobile app, GaiaSup eases your pain when adding spatial components to your applications. You can easily integrate GaiaSup as the backend to publish / subscribe / store / query your location data, without having to worry about how to manage and scale these operations.


Spatial Publish Subscribe

Need to send your promotional messages to all customers within a certain radius? Use "area publication" to deliver your messages. Want to keep track of the positions of nearby users and messages they generate? Use "area subscription" to learn of updates as soon as they're generated.


Easy Development

GaiaSup is provided as a standard-compliant REST API, we also provide language bindings to ease your developments. You can use GaiaSup as easy as the following code.


// to update your position and allow others to see
    pos: [100, 250, 0]

// to subscribe for other users' position / message updates
    radius:     150



There are many different types of spatial operations. You might want to "store" information of local restaurants and let users to "query" them whenever there's a need. Or you might want to constantly "subscribe" to any interesting chats that happen around you in real-time, or to "publish" the photo of a missing dog to all the local stores in a neighborhood area. GaiaSup provides you both "pull"-based (store/query) and "push"-based (publish/subscribe) ways to process your spatial data.

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