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GaiaSup is a third party "spatial engine" that helps developers to easily build location-based services (LBS) or geo/spatial applications. It deploys a common and well-known messaging paradigm called publish / subscribe (pub/sub) but adds explicit support for spatial data. At its core, GaiaSup allows developers to store and retrive spatial coordinates, which is all done by an in-memory spatial database, so that the data can be processed and retrieved quickly.

Besides pub/sub, GaiaSup also allows the more traditional store/query approach to spatial coordinates. Once some coordinates are published, the latest coordinates info are also stored by GaiaSup, so that a query can be performed at any later time for previously published data.

In addition to coordinate data (x, y, z), GaiaSup also supports the spatial pub/sub for string-based messages and developer-defined meta-data, which can be anything representable by an JSON object. Coordinates, strings, and JSON objects thus are the three main data types GaiaSup supports.

To access GaiaSup, we provide both a standard REST API interface (which a developer can access directly using HTTP GET/POST/DELETE actions), as well as language-specific bindings that are designed to ease the development efforts. Here we provide a tutorial based on the JavaScript language binding. However, the principles and procedures are applicable to other language bindings.


How to Use GaiaSup

GaiaSup is easy to use. You can check out how to use gaiasup through the following content:

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